Sulfide Control
Pty Ltd



We specialise in on- site services including:

  • measurement (continuous, datalogged and single sample immediate results) of:
  • pH
  • H2S
  • ORP
  • methane
  • LEL in oxygen enriched gases
  • wastewater sulfide (sulphide)
  • phosphorus
  • sulfate (sulphate)
  • gas flow rates
  • nitrates and nitrites
  • dissolved oxygen in pressurised pipelines
  • other parameters measured on site
  • design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of sulfide (sulphide) control systems
  • performance testing and evaluation of oxygen dissolvers, chemical dosing systems and gas phase treatment systems
  • routine monitoring and assessment surveys

  • sulfide (sulphide) odour problem assessment

  • sulfide (sulphide) “best treatment method” assessments

  • hire of monitoring systems.

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